Call Partnership

Unitel have over 50 telesales staff, and we are happy to set them to work for our partners. Typically, our call centre partners are companies with a large database of clients or members who wish for Unitel to sell our products to them via outbound (or in some cases inbound) telesales calls. Once a confidentiality agreement has been signed, Call Centre partners provide Unitel with data to call and a script is broadly agreed by Unitel’s account manager. Often, the sale of Unitel’s products is only one of the benefits that the partner reaps from the relationship, as while the calls are being made the partner gets the following services:

Updated Database Records
A cleansed database with records updated and returned at the end of the campaign
Additional Information
The opportunity for the telesales operative to obtain additional information from customers
Customer Relation
The chance for offers to be communicated to their customers via the phone call
Special Offers
All ‘hot’ requests for information on other products is passed daily to our partners

Our account managers will provide a weekly summary and report of the success and progress of the campaign, including number of calls made, dead records or ‘rejections’, ongoing prospects and opportunities diarized for future call backs.

All customers who are converted will be classed as ‘partner customers’ and will receive bills with the customer logo alongside the Unitel logo, and the partner will receive a monthly statement showing the number of telecoms customers billing, bill spend, profit and share of profit. The profit share is paid upon the receipt of an invoice from Unitel. A similar statement is sent separately for all gas and electricity customers, as commission is a one-off payment not an ongoing revenue share.

Customer support and billing is handled by Unitel and we provide fault cover 24/7 365 days a year.

At Unitel we operate an open book policy with our partners, so that they can see what our costs are on all products and services. We also give our partners the opportunity to sell us their ongoing commission in return for a one-off payment at any time. This is almost as good as owning the customer outright as it gives our partners the chance to cash-out and walk away whenever they want.

Please call Unitel on 0844 745 1111 for more information on this opportunity.