Our standard partners provide us with telecoms or gas and electricity customers in return for a share of profit. Some partners provide us with leads for our call centre to close, others bring closed deals to us. We provide our partners will full training on our products, marketing support, a selection of competitive tariffs and offers and of course a share of the profit from each customer.

Telecoms (including mobiles) are billed directly by Unitel, with our partner logo alongside our own, and all customer service, provisioning and support is handled by Unitel. Our larger partners are allocated dedicated inbound numbers for their customers to ring and the calls are answered in their name not Unitel’s name. Support is provided 24/7 365 days a year. The profit earned from these customers is shared between Unitel and our partners for the life of the customer contract, which is typically between two and five years.

Gas and Electricity are billed directly by the power company but a one-off, up-front commission is paid by our partner power company to Unitel, which is shared with our partners.

At Unitel we operate an open book policy with our partners, so that they can see what our costs are on all products and services. We also give our partners the opportunity to sell us their ongoing commission in return for a one-off payment at any time. This is almost as good as owning the customer outright as it gives our partners the chance to cash-out and walk away whenever they want.

Please call Unitel on 0844 745 1111 for more information on this opportunity.