Reverse Reseller Partnership

With several years of experience in the telecom reseller market, we understand that some resellers wish to fully or partially exist the business, which is why we offer existing telecom resellers the chance to either sell their base outright to us for cash, or to back their customer base into Unitel in return for a smaller cash consideration and an ongoing share of profit.

Many resellers do not wish to remove themselves entirely from the telecoms business nor do they want to lose their ongoing revenue stream, so the idea of ‘backing’ their customers into Unitel, allowing Unitel to provide billing, customer service and support for the customers while still enjoying a smaller revenue stream from these customers, as well as a cash payment up-front, is a preferable option.

In addition to this, Unitel will allocate a sales team to contact all of these customers, review their tariffs and increase their contract length as well as seeking to sell additional products and services (mobiles, broadband, gas and electricity) to these customers. Additional products will reflect in increased revenue to the reseller as well, so the margin they have given away to Unitel may grow back quite quickly.

Moving forward, the same sales team will be available to work through the reseller’s historic customer base and prospects to obtain new sales and leads for the reseller for other areas of their business.

Please call Unitel on 0844 745 1111 for more information on this opportunity.